Tuesday, March 28, 2006

I ate up the recognition

...I received at Talking Fresh. Literally. To my great surprise, on Friday after Tim Lilburn and Tim Bowling read and just before intermission and in front of a room full of people, Gerry Hill recognized my perfect Talking Fresh attendance. He awarded me a cupcake. A cupcake with icing and sprinkles.

It doesn't get better than that.

Talking Fresh was better than ever. Hats off to everyone involved in making it happen. The event was seamless. The presenters were fantastic. On Friday they all gave memorable readings from new work. The Saturday sessions were thought provoking. Intense. I really liked how the presenters attended each others sessions and contributed to the dialogue. The sessions were a big topic of conversation at dinner that evening as a group of us passed dishes around the table at the Thai Garden until our bellies were as full as our heads. We talked about it all. Tim Bowling's remarks on making a living. Sharon Butala's comments about small towns. Tim Lilburn's closing list of imponderables. Margaret Sweatman's diagrams. I'm still overflowing with questions. The kind of questions that lead to new things.


Tracy Hamon said...

A healthy bite!

Brenda Schmidt said...


Note: Someone just emailed and asked if that's the actual cupcake I received on Friday. Yes, it is. Or was. I ate it after I photographed it. It was delicious!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Only a few sprinkles survived transport. Cupcakes are touchy that way :)

Anita Daher said...

Oh goodness, Tracy was serious about cupcakes being eaten (her blog entry)! Terrific. Sounds like an awesome time was had by all.

Anonymous said...

Yes, that's cupcake 1217b, code name "Lester," from batch 44, March 23. My mom's Aunt Edie's drop cake recipe.

GM said...

Battle of the Tims. That's a reading I would love to have attended. Strange though that, given the Tims, you got a cupcake instead of a donut.

Brenda Schmidt said...

It was awesome, Anita. By the way, we're always serious about cupcakes.

Come to think of it, I've never heard of a drop cake before. Drop cookies, yes, but not drop cake. I imagine the name changed to cupcake shortly after someone like me expressed their chronic hankering for icing and sprinkles and received instead a drop kick.

Aren't donuts an 80s thing? I'm too old for squealing rubber and ZZ Top.

Anonymous said...

Brenda, I'm so happy to hear you got your cuppy-cake! I was worried, being too down and out to bake any myself, that you wouldn't get one. Well done, Gerry. All reports I've heard say that TF was another smashing success! So sorry I missed it,


Brenda Schmidt said...

I asked J about you when I didn't see you there. I'm glad to see you here. Hope all is well.