Saturday, December 10, 2005

What the philosophical habit of mind made


This morning I complained about my lack of creative output over the past week, but by afternoon I decided I was just recharging as I tend to do each year at this time. I then spent some time wandering around, wondering where to put Thick Skin. It will either hang on the wall I face as I work or it will be what I see right after I turn left at the mirror. I'll have to wait and see. After reading the artist's latest post, I've been leaning towards the latter.


Crafty Missus said...

i was inspiried by your blog to say something. i'm more of a doer than a speaker, i tend to leave the words to kevin, but for the first time i feel that i said something about my work that has meaning. like i laid myself open through writting, a new experience...
thank you

Brenda Schmidt said...

Wonderful! It's a great post, Cara. I actually jotted down a phrase from it and I've spent much of the day thinking about it both in and out of context.

"let uncertainty or oblivion ride"

It's been generative. Thanks.