Sunday, December 11, 2005

This strikes me an odd contest. Is there poetry in my voice? Good question. It would be fun to post a recording of me reading a poem and then send out a survey to all and sundry asking that very question. Is there poetry in my voice? If so, how much?


Tracy Hamon said...

What about your cat? Does the cat have poetry in its voice?

How about a duet? :-)

John said...

Hmm. Apparently what I call the Great Canadian Reading Voice stretches far beyond our borders:

It is noticeable that when you hear a poet reading their own work they often weight their words almost evenly; each one has been carefully chosen and has value.

The above approach results in a monotone, and puts me right off poetry. Like the eye, the ear needs contrasts to remain interested. Of course, each word has been carefully chosen. But there is no better way to devalue the meaning, sound and effect of each word in a poem than to give it the same emphasis as every other word.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I wonder where this reading voice came from? It must have had a beginning. I don't know the story behind it at all.