Friday, September 12, 2008

Another collection

...for my collection.

The cover reminds me of last evening. While I didn't see a water strider, I was helping H hunt for prairie tree crickets in the alder west of town. He photographed a male tree cricket earlier in the week and now wants to find a female. Easier said than done. I'm just learning about tree crickets and I've fallen in love with them. The way they move. The way they call. Their calling song. It's a song I grew up with. It makes evenings magical.

Off to Saskatoon tomorrow for the 10th New Leaf Editions launch.


Ian LeTourneau said...

that is a beautiful cover! it reminds me of Yeats' "Long-legged Fly." Have you read it?

Brenda Schmidt said...

No I haven't, but I will. I see I have it here in The Yeats Reader, a book I now know I haven't read completely. Sheesh.