Tuesday, September 09, 2008

The Danforth Review is beginning

...its 10th anniversary year. Wow. Hats off to Michael Bryson! I wonder how many times I've clicked on my TDR bookmark over the years? I'm always looking for something new and TDR continues to deliver.

On my last visit to TDR I found a link to Maple Tree Literary Supplement, a nifty new quarterly literary journal with 75% Canadian content. The current editorial is titled "The Professional Poet?"

This spring H planted wild cucumber seeds by the downstairs studio window on the west side of the house. It grew like crazy, the vines twining around the window. Now there's a cucumber hanging in plain view.

A bit prickly, but lovely nonetheless.


Anonymous said...

If they're wild, why did he have to plant them?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Uh. Hm. Well, I dunno. Some people use them as trellis cover up here. Our growing season is short and they do ok.

Anonymous said...

Can you eat the cucumbers?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Good question. I just did a quick google and don't see any mention of them being edible. We just like how it looks. Wildly vined and prickly. And it's really cool when the cucumbers mature and the seeds fall out. If I remember I'll post some pics when that happens.

Gerald Hill said...

Know anybody who's prickly but lovely?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Trust you to ask that!