Sunday, May 18, 2008

Time flies

...when I'm working in the gardens. H and I spent most of the day getting the yard in shape for spring. While we were out back having tea, H took a few pics of the sparrows. I thought I'd post a couple.

The Harris's Sparrow is my favourite bird.

They're just stopping over for a few days on their way north to their summer breeding grounds. It's hard to describe their song. You can listen to it here. Imagine a yard full of them. The sound makes me want to curl up with a Guy Gavriel Kay novel. And maybe I will.

At least one pair of White-throated Sparrows will remain in our yard for the season.

Its song does not appeal to me as much, though I do admire Don McKay's take on it. But I will happily listen to it sing every morning while I'm reading poems and drinking coffee.

The Cathedral Village Arts Festival begins tomorrow in Regina. I can't be there, but I believe "You" from Cantos from Wolverine Creek will be on one of the literary lanterns. I hope someone will send me a pic of it. I'd love to see how it looks.

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