Friday, May 16, 2008

Suckers are most vulnerable

...when they're running upstream. On our way home from Winnipeg we saw people netting suckers at Mistik Creek. Yesterday we went back to watch the suckers run and do some thinking.

Here's H shooting some video.

Here's a couple suckers trying to make their way.

Here's H standing among the remains of suckers that someone had left behind.

Ravens and gulls hung around in the trees, waiting for us to leave so they could return to feast on the mess.

When we got home H showed me the video of the suckers running. It's beautiful. I hope to write a sonnet to go with it.


Ariel Gordon said...

In a few days, you'll get to see this sucker run. (I'm most vulnerable while sleeping...)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Yay! I still can't believe you're coming! I'm so excited! I'm busy fretting over cabin food. And the perfect cake to devour while sitting out listening to loons. And which bog is best. And and're coming!!!

Ariel Gordon said...

Loons! I miss loons!

(By which I mean you and also the mournful birds.)

(Don't fret. I'll eat most anything...)

Brenda Schmidt said...


I can't help it. The food must be right. There's a big difference between sunny day cabin food and rainy day cabin food. Same with the cake. Believe me, the last thing you'd want on a rainy day is me going on about having to eat sunny day food.