Tuesday, May 20, 2008

The press release and the program

...for “A NIGHT ON AN OLD TRADE ROUTE – A CROSS CULTURAL CONCERT” is below. Saturday is coming right up! I'm so excited!
I have my fingers crossed for clear skies.

I was happy to see a nice piece about the concert in the Winnipeg Free Press on Saturday.

I'm happier yet that Ariel is coming!


PRESS RELEASE May 12, 2008


On May 24th The Flin Flon Community Choir together with The Flin Flon Arts Council, The Cranberry Aboriginal Art Festival Committee, the Flin Flon Indian – Metis Friendship Centre and Aboriginal Head Start Program meld the varied artistic traditions of Northern Manitoba by proudly presenting the first Concert of its kind in Cranberry Portage’s inspiring Grand Tipi. “A NIGHT ON AN OLD TRADE ROUTE – A CROSS CULTURAL CONCERT” showcases world premiere performances of choral works “A Night on an Old Trade Route” written by Manitoban Composer Jim Hiscott on a poem by Northern poet Brenda Schmidt, “Pictograph” and “Words from Another Forest song” both written by Northern Manitoban composer Mark Kolt also on poems by Brenda Schmidt, and featuring The Rising Sun Drum Group from The Pas Manitoba will be presented at 2pm and then at 8pm on the evening of the 24th.

“Night On An Old Trade Route” This Choral work was commissioned by The Flin Flon Community Choir in 2003. Wishing to create a concert celebrating this particular part of Northern Manitoba, where the life of a trapper exists undisturbed to this very day on our pristine boreal forests, and very specifically to perform this commissioned work on our most beautiful of venues, along one of our many remarkable Trade Routes, it was with delight to learn of the possibility of sharing cultures on the great lake of Athapapaskow. Also known as Lake Athapap, this historic place of gathering is now home to the world’s largest tipi. With an area of over 2700 sq.ft holding over 200 guests and over 70 ft tall this cathedral-like space is the perfect place to meet, to learn, to share and to celebrate. Renowned Canadian Sculpture Irvin Head, a member of the Cranberry Aboriginal Art Festival Committee, has been instrumental in directing the Flin Flon Community Choir in the development of the Aboriginal programming of this concert/celebration.

In union with the sophisticated world of contemporary classical music, art meets culture with the utmost reverence. Our formal part of the classical program will be enwrapped with Aboriginal cultural traditions including a short Smudging Ceremony to cleanse the gathering place and Gathering and Farewell Rites by The Rising Sun Drum Group and an Elder so essential to any sacred cultural celebration. Finishing with the taste of bannock over an open fire beside a shimmering lake after each concert, all senses will have been tantalized. It will truly be an event to be remembered.


May 24th 2pm and 8pm

Smudging Ceremony 1:30 – 2:pm 7:30 – 8pm
Guests/Audience Seated 2pm 8pm
Elder Blessing
The Rising Sun Drum Group Gathering Rite
Aboriginal Youth Welcome Song
Flin Flon Community Choir Offers Tobacco to Elder and Drum Troupe
Flin Flon Community Choir Offers Cloth to Elder
Cloth is Hung in Tipi
Dignitaries Short words of Greeting

Pictograph Composed by Mark Kolt
Words – Brenda Schmidt

A Word from Another Forest Song Composed by Mark Kolt
Words by Brenda Schmidt
Performed by Soprano Jana Dutkiewicz

Sound Prayer for Mother Earth Composed by Andrew Balfour

Metis Spirit Reel Composed by Jim Hiscott

A Ballad to Samuel Hearn Composed by Mark Kolt

Snowforms R.Murray Schafer

A Night On An Old Trade Route Composed by Jim Hiscott
Words by Brenda Schmidt

NorthWest Passage Compsed by Stan Rogers
Arranged by Mark Kolt

Vision: The World’s Largest Tipi Composed by Frank Mitchell
Performed by Frank Mitchell


All in attendance are welcomed to meet outside the Tipi to enjoy some refreshments of Bannock and Juice/Coffee.

The Tipi Stage will be open to drummers, singers and dancers between concerts.


tracy said...

Have fun! Wish I could be there too!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Tracy! I wish you could, too!

I've been fretting about the weather. The forecast looks good, though, touch wood!