Monday, May 26, 2008

On Friday

...Ariel arrived. We spent most of the day tromping around.

First we went to Mistik Creek to see if the suckers were still running. They were not. We did find a few suckers at the Pineroot River. Here's Ariel on the bridge, photographing the fish. I'm in the background watching birds.

Next stop was the limestone crevices, which are deep and filled with strange and beautiful ice formations. Here's Ariel in a crevice, perched on an outcrop of rock, photographing the daggers of ice below.

Here's Ariel climbing onto another little ledge.

I zoomed in on her a bit while I went on about the ongoing nature of erosion.

I went on and on while she went up and down.

Here's Ariel and H on a beaver dam.

We stayed at a cabin at Neso Lake. I love it there. Here we are sitting around a fire, chatting with bear hunters from Kansas.

Ariel and H kept feeding the fire. We stayed up well into the night.


Mike Deal said...

Great photos!! I do wish I could have gone... the campfire looks really nice.

Ariel Gordon said...

Oh, it was...

(I should have scowled more!)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Mike! I wish you could've been there. You were missed!

Oh, Ariel.

Anonymous said...

Lovely! Ariel looks like a fearless hiker. I could use her here.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Fearless, indeed! I think she was a mountain goat in another life.

GM said...

Will someone please hook a harness to Ariel before I faint dead away?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Exactly! She wouldn't listen to me. Nope. Ignored every word.