Friday, June 22, 2007

There was a good crowd the launch of Torch River by Elizabeth Philips last night. Philips and Don Domanski both gave fine readings. Afterwards I had some great chats with writers, some of whom I hadn't seen in years. And even though I was talking away, somehow I managed to eat too much brie. I hate when that happens.

One of the poets there gave us the heads up about the great lattes and cheesecake at Museo Coffee at the Mendel Art Gallery, so we beetled over there this afternoon. Oh my! Too too good. And the roasted veg panino was unreal.

After we finished our lattes, we spent time with the British drawings from the National Gallery of Canada. It's a great exhibition. Being an Edward Lear fan, as I mentioned in a 2005 post, I was thrilled to see his View near Andritsaina, Greece. And being a fan of limericks, as my terrible muse tshirt shows (I wear it often), I was even more thrilled to see the beginning of a limerick that he'd written on the drawing: "There was an old Man of Andritzena, / Who possesses a sack - & he sits in her." Latte-fueled giggles followed.

Tomorrow afternoon the JackPine Press launch takes place at Museo Coffee, launching chapbooks by Maureen Scott Harris and Sean Virgo. I'll be tied up in a meeting then, so no readings and lattes for me.

Oh yes, I bought a lot of books today, but one still eludes me. McNally has it on order, but it's not in the store yet.

Now I'm going to dip back into In the Lights of a Midnight Plow by David Hickey, a poet new to me.

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