Sunday, June 24, 2007

Those of you who know me

...will marvel at my coordination in the following road trip video, which I shot myself as we were heading home yesterday. Ok, I admit it's bad. The camera's image stabilization helped, but it can only do so much. Too bad there isn't a horizon stabilization feature...

And the hat really was nice.

Then came the excitement, or the post-excitement excitement, courtesy of Mother Nature. I didn't shoot this video, by the way, just in case the last one left you skittish.


GM said...

What the hail? Nice to hear H's cameo there.

Anita Daher said...

Holy doodle!

Brenda Schmidt said...

It was pretty refreshing to walk around in the ice after such a hot day.

On the road again in a couple days. If any video comes from it, I promise it will be brief and to the point, or as brief and to the point as I can be. :)

Dash Taheri said...

Those were by far the largest hail stones I have ever seen. Great reporting! If you ever get tired of writing you should try weather forecasting. You had me cracking up as usual. I can't even imagine being hit by those skull breakers, they could easily cause head trauma. Hopefully you and Harvey were safely shielded from the storm. All that hail brings me back to my treeplanting days, but never have I seen hail stones quite like that. Pretty marvellous!

I met you and Harvey last year at Gallery Vertigo when you were traveling through Vernon. This is the first time that I’ve commented on any of your blog entries, but I read and stream your videos it regularly. I just wanted to drop off some love and encouragement. I love your book; I read it all the time. It was an honour to meet you and Harvey; I was so enamoured with you guys, you were so nice.

Anyway much love,


Here's a link to my blog, at one time I had my poetry on it but not anymore, now it's just lies and not-so angry blogs. HAHA

Brenda Schmidt said...

Dash, you just made my day! Thank you!

I remember you clearly. It was a pleasure to meet you and it's a pleasure to see you here. I remember asking you to repeat your name when I met you because I couldn't believe my ears. I know some writers with great names - Ariel for instance - but yours tops all.

Your encouragement couldn't have come at a better time. I was working on a poem well into the early hours and I had to get up at 6 this morning to pack. What a short night! But I have a first draft. Yay! It's far too early to know whether I should credit or blame Zach's post on the Kees poem, which is what led to my poem and the unusually late night.

I look forward to taking a better look at your blog when I get back. And I'll be sure to check that lit/arts magazine you're involved with more closely as well.

Thanks again, Dash. Have a great weekend!