Monday, July 03, 2017

Quarterly report and upcoming July event!

This is not an official quarterly report, but the thank you I posted on the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate Facebook page:
Well I started on April 1 and somehow it's already July! Thank you to all those who have invited me, welcomed me, supported my efforts, and to all those who've helped make it fun! I've met a great number of people and learned so much in the past couple months. Saskatchewan is an amazing place!
The objectives of the Poet Laureate Program:
- To celebrate the spirit of the people and place of Saskatchewan.
- To raise the profile of writers in Saskatchewan.
- To elevate writing as a vocation.
- To raise awareness of the power of poetry and the spoken word.
- To create a recognized spokesperson for writing in general and poetry in particular who will be a respected participant of festive occasions and official functions in the province.
- To be a focal point for the expression of Saskatchewan cultures (time, land, people) through the literary arts.
I'm doing my best and I've had a lot of help. Thank you to everyone!
As stated on the Saskatchewan Writers' Guild site, communities, non-profit organizations, service organizations, and educational institutions may submit applications requesting the participation of the Saskatchewan Poet Laureate at a special event in Saskatchewan. More information about the Poet Laureate Program can be found here.

I hope to see many of you at the Saskatchewan Festival of Words in Moose Jaw, July 13-16! The list of presenters is impressive. I look forward to taking in as much as possible. Thank you to the Saskatchewan Festival of Words for inviting me to present as well. I'm really excited to share some new work and to just hang out with readers and writers and have some fun. This festival is always great. See you there!