Wednesday, June 22, 2016

My experience at St. Peter's College

...left me feeling excited and energized. Thank you to everyone who came out to the reading on ThursdayWhat a great night, great audience, and what great surprises! Thank you to St. Peter's College and the Canada Council for the Arts; I'm so grateful to Barbara Langhorst for giving me and my work this opportunity. She'd asked me to give a short talk and slideshow as well, and out of that request evolved the beginnings of an essay that I am very excited about. Here I am presenting that work.

The three-day nonfiction workshop I led flew by. I couldn't have asked for a more amazing and enthusiastic group of writers. One has been a friend for a long time now. The others I met for the first time at the workshop. All of them had driven many miles to take part. Thank you to every one of the workshop participants for investing their money, time, and minds in this adventure. Cheers to them all! 


Bernadette said...

Sorry I missed the reading but the workshop was worth the trip! I now have a photo essay well underway. Goal met!

Thanks, Brenda, for your work and support and encouragement and all. And thanks to the other participants for their work and support and encouragement. I always love meeting writers I've not met before and trust I'll bump into them and their work some day soon.

The friend for a long time now.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thank you! Thanks for everything, Bernadette! Looking forward to experiencing your photo essay when you send it forth into the world!