Thursday, April 17, 2014

Two Pieces for a Bone Flute

You Must Be at Least 35,000 Years Old*

an ancient

a mouthpiece

a vulture’s
wing bone

an instrument


Looking Ahead 35,000 Years, Give or Take

The future as we call it is a vulture
that circles and circles the sky alone  
circles and circles until it dies of hunger

drops to the earth like a bloody stone.
Wolves snap and snap as they watch it fall
crush its skull as it lands, crush its wishbone

crushing ribs, femurs, feet, claws, all
except for the already broken left wing
over which two clumsy pups brawl

dropping it at once to howl and sing
into the dusk with the bloody rest.
The worst clouds gather, throw lightning

again at the same old tree as if to test
the crone hiding behind it, and out she darts
grabs the wing, holds it to her chest

and runs like hell for the cave in our hearts. 

From The Crone Poems (unforthcoming).
*Flute. Wikipedia.