Tuesday, July 23, 2013

An overview of one of my current projects

...and the deadline is fast approaching.

Yes, I took on another species account assignment. Lots of research, but it makes for fascinating reading. (Please pardon the state of my watercolour easel, where I placed the books and journals for the time being). The birding community in Saskatchewan has a long and rich history. I'm learning tons.


theresa said...

I look forward to reading the results! This sounds so interesting.

Brenda Schmidt said...

It sure is! My account will be but another tiny part of a large undertaking by others. I'm one of many contributors. I'm working on just one additional bird, but it takes time to sift through all the records of it through the years. And since I'm easily distracted by stories, I end up reading things in the journals that don't pertain to my task, so it takes forever. Which is good. Who knows, all the asides might lead somewhere else. :)