Friday, May 24, 2013

The City of Regina's commitment to the literary arts

...has had a great rate of return over the years. Regina is home to many award-winning, critically acclaimed authors and publishers whose contributions to the city, province, country, and beyond, are immense. Those writers and the writers they attract to the city foster cultural growth and wealth. Free and accessible literary programming allows for greater exchange of ideas, great community building and richer lives for all. This is not news.

Difficult economic times call for difficult budgetary decisions and the arts certainly are not immune. This is not news either. Today's news, however, came as a surprise: Funding for literary programming in Regina has been slashed horribly. Details here. I hope alternate funding can be found.

I wonder if a literary family tree (listing schools, universities, organizations and events each writer has been involved with, schools and universities where their work has been presented and studied, links between writers and programs, etc.) would help city council revalue the roots, reach and range of contributions writers make to the greater community in Regina.

A literary map of Regina might help, too. Complete with legends.

In the meantime, thank you to the City of Regina for the years of support to the literary arts, an admirable example of forward thinking. We've all benefited greatly.


May 30 - The Regina Leader-Post May 29 story on the latest developments, which include transitional funding and the City's plans to look at the system. 



July 18 - Good news in the SWG ebriefs July 12 issue: 
City Council Approves SWG Transitional Funding
On Monday, July 8, 2013 the Regina City Council voted to approve that the SWG receive transitional funding for our 2014 fiscal year. This is good news as we are to receive 90% of our original grant application request. We will be able to continue the majority of our programing for the coming year, including the City of Regina Writing Award, Words in the Park, and several other important events and activities. 
Hats off to City Council! Hats off to the SWG staff! This must have entailed an enormous amount of work.  


Bernadette said...

You rock!

Shelley Banks said...

Good points, and lots of good ideas here...

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks. I sent an email to the Mayor of Regina today. Regina has so much to be proud of and is growing in so many ways. The literary arts play a huge role in that.

Gerald Hill said...

Good one, Brenda. I wrote a letter directly to the Mayor who presides over a City that acts this way.