Sunday, November 25, 2012

There's frost on the jay today

...and the wind bit as I tried to capture the frost and the light and everything I was feeling. Or no longer feeling. On a day like this, opening and closing a window isn't easy.

While warming up, I thought I'd offer this pic as a way of thanking poet and novelist Laisha Rosnau, current host of the Vertigo Voices Literary Readings in Vernon, BC, for putting me on the big screen at Gallery Vertigo on Thursday night. There Flight Calls was launchedAt the time I was sitting right here, petting the cat. Terry Jordan, also a recent Mackie Lake House writer in residence, was there and read from his work. Word has it the virtual/actual mix worked well. That makes me happy. Thanks everyone! This pic is for you, too.


Brenda Schmidt said...

I should add, the Skype plan was altered to accommodate spotty WiFi on that end. So I put up an unedited video, quirks and all, of a reading and talk complete with thank yous to everyone and the odd Schmidtism. It was screened first. I was waiting here with the cat, Skype open, for a follow-up Q&A, but that didn't happen due to connectivity issues. But we knew that might happen and had planned for it, so that's ok.

carin said...

We don't have birds like this here. Ours don't have the colours nor the poise/pose -- and they refuse to stay still long enough for a portrait. And even if they did... we don't have the background.


[Always blame the birds...]

Translation: lovely pic, as usual!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Thank you! :)