Monday, October 29, 2012

Books brought back from my road trip Regina, and lovely books they are.

Violet Quesnel by Coby Stephenson.

Emily via the Greyhound Bus by Allison Kydd.

I bought these two books at Coby Stephenson's wonderful launch on Thursday. Allison Kydd was one of the guest readers.Courtney Bates and Cassidy McFadzean read as well. I look forward to Cassidy's chapbook, Farwell, which will be published by JackPine Press this fall.

How to Be a River by Brenda Niskala.

This book came out this fall from Wild Sage Press, a new publisher based in Regina who publishes limited edition books on exquisite paper. I first learned about Wild Sage Press when pics from this Facebook page showed up in my feed, familiar faces of writers gathered to stitch books among them.

Flyways by Devin Krukoff.

This book, along with my book Grid, are being studied this fall in English 110 at Luther College, University of Regina. I had a great time during my class visit on Friday and was totally impressed with the questions and observations put forward by the students. The time flew. At the end of the class Professor Gerald Hill, aka Gerry, presented me with a copy of Flyways. Nice. Many thanks to all.

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