Thursday, October 06, 2011

Thanks to recent conversations

...with writers who never fail to send me off in interesting directions, I ordered these books.

Steveston by Daphne Marlatt & Robert Minden, a book I should have ordered long ago.

When Tish Happens by Frank Davey, a book I was unaware of until last week when it was mentioned in an email exchange.

That chunk of wood they're sitting on is where I put my coffee when I'm reading outside. The top of the pic is east. That's where my chair is. Or was. It's stored away for the winter. I expect snow in the next couple weeks.


Gerald Hill said...

I miss my stump from Emma Lake, which I rested tea and notebooks on for years out on my balcony. Had to give it up when I moved to my new place. And don't worry yet about snow.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Sorry for the loss of your stump.

Snow calls for a certain tidiness.

carin said...

Each year we camp in the same spot in the B.C. woods, using the same stump and flat sided rock as end tables (we almost always forget to pack end tables). Before leaving, we hide them amongst the shrubbery. And no, I'm not telling you where. ;)

TISH looks interesting. May have to speak to my bookseller. Tks!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Ok, I just might have to write a book on writers and their stumps. If there's three of us there must be more!

Bernadette said...

You'll be getting no stump tales outta me, B. I'm not fussy about my stumps!

I'd love to dive into your book collection some day!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Oh c'mon, you must have a stump kicking around somewhere!

My book collection is calling for more space again. Go figure. Pop by any time and dive away!

Pearl said...

Stevenson is still in print? I just assumed it wasn't.

Pearl said...

Stevenson is still in print? I just assumed it wasn't.

Guess I'm no longer stumped on how to find it.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ok, that could qualify as a stump story. The stump book is growing! It will be a solid anthology!

Leona said...

The first time I read Bernadette's comment, I read "I'd love to drive into your book collection...." A rattling good image.

Snow *is* a certain tidiness.

I have two drink stumps at my summer getaway. A good stump is hard to find, and so I have learned to prop them each with a small stick when I leave, to prevent the ants from moving in underneath and hollowing them out.

Brenda Schmidt said...


You're right! Is.

You take your stumps seriously! Ok, I'm convinced there's a book in this.

Gerald Hill said...

Stumpthing to it, for sure.