Monday, March 07, 2011

Talking Fresh 9: Saskatchewan Poetry Summit

...featuring Karen Solie, Michael Trussler, Daniel Scott Tysdal and me, happened on the weekend at Luther College in Regina. It was immensely satisfying and stimulating in every respect. Thank you to Gerry Hill and Tracy Hamon for organizing a perfectly smooth and classy event. Perfect right down to the single daffodil that graced each white-clothed table. Katherine Lawrence did an amazing job of moderating the panel as did all those who delivered introductions and kept things moving on time. The readings were fantastic. My session was first on Saturday. Then the audience was treated to mind-blowing presentations by Michael, Karen and Dan. And the audience, with their questions and comments, played a great part in making the event a success. It was great to talk with students, new writers and established writers, some of whose work is examined in essays that I had studied in preparation for this event.

Talking Fresh wrapped up with a lovely happy hour launch of Quiver by Holly Luhning and Girlwood by Jennifer Still. Books were flying off the book table after their fabulous readings. I bought one of each. I also bought The Mourner's Book of Albums, Daniel Scott Tysdal's new book. Now I own a copy of every book published by every one of the presenters.

There's a group photo and links over on Latitude Drifts. And more flowers.

More photos and comments over on Poet Shoes.


After the panel on Friday, Tracy led me to the library at Luther College where I visited the Margaret Belcher Reading Room.

The late Margaret Belcher, a university professor, author and ornithologist, is a well-known name in Saskatchewan natural history circles. I had no idea, however, that she wrote a book titled Bird Imagery in the Lyric Poetry of Tristan L’Hermite (1987). I must track it down.


Bernadette said...

It was a great time, heavy on intellect and poetry. Thanks so much for invoking Szumigalski and Klar in your presentation. They are two of my favourite SK poets.

And, thanks for the link to Shelley's blog; I didn't know she was blogging!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks! Mine too.

Yes, great to see her blogging! It's now in my feed.

Shelley Banks said...

Hi Brenda -- thanks for the link, and even more, thanks for the fun over the weekend! It was a great event.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Shelley! And thanks for the great photos!