Saturday, January 15, 2011

No wolf tracks the yard this morning. I haven't seen any in the yard yet.

There have been a number of wolf sightings in town lately. This isn't new. Apparently one was standing across from the town office the other day. That's just a block from here.

I keep thinking one will stop by. So this morning I looked out my office window, half expecting to see a wolf looking back at me. Half hoping.

It's a selfish hope and one that I immediately felt guilty about. I never want to see one in town. That's always bad news for wolves. For everything.

I tried to focus on other things.

But looking didn't help.

There were old tracks everywhere.


Speaking of old tracks, on this day in 2005 this blog was born. I'm grateful to those of you who stop by. Some of you have been humouring me since the beginning. Thank you.

While this blog has been quiet lately, life hasn't. For one, I've been preparing for Talking Fresh 9: Saskatchewan Poetry Summit, March 4-5, 2011, Luther College, University of Regina, featuring Karen Solie, Michael Trussler, Daniel Scott Tysdal and me. And worrying. The weather in early March can be horrible, the roads downright scary, and it takes forever to get to Regina at the best of times. I'll be squirrelly by the time I get there.


Bernadette said...

And some of us are very grateful for your musings, and photos, and poetry, and whatnot -- as well as the fact that you're willing to trek all the way to Regina for Talking Fresh! (Do you think there will be cupcakes?)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thank you Bernadette! I'm really looking forward to Talking Fresh and will be so relieved when I get there! I sure hope there will be cupcakes! I never thought to ask. Now I'm doubly worried!

Gerald Hill said...

There will be cupcakes.

Nicole MacP said...

Happy blog-versary!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Yes! Cupcakes! Thanks Gerry! If I see ice on the roads I'll think icing and all will be well!

Thanks Nicole!

Shawna Lemay said...

great line-up for Talking Fresh. wish i could be there. i hear you about the roads. yeesh. and yes happy blogiversary! how cool is that.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks Shawna! I love the line-up. Those three have mighty fine minds. It's going to be a great Talking Fresh!

carin makuz said...

I love this post. That last line! So beautiful. (Now, how to get this message to the wolves??)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks Carin! Good question.