Thursday, June 17, 2010

The Saskatchewan dinosaur industry lagging according to this CBC story. I hadn't thought of it as an industry before. The story mentions Scotty, the T. rex skeleton found near Eastend, which reminded me that a replica of Scotty's head is here in town right now. So off we went to take a peek.

Scotty has quite the noggin.

While I posed with Scotty, I listened to the video and watched a bit of it before we left. I'm pretty sure I saw it on TV years back as the paleontologist looked familiar. Anyway, it's a pretty cool display. Nice to see something like this in a small town. And who knows, I might get a poem out of it.


Ian LeTourneau said...

a T. poem?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! With my luck, the T. poem will be a T. wreck!

Ian LeTourneau said...

now now, that modesty will get you extinct!

like the new design of your blog, by the way

Brenda Schmidt said...


Thanks! Blogger has made great new changes to their templates, giving endless options with minimal effort. I spent way too much time playing with them the other day. My kind of fun!