Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday was a big moose

...snoozing in the willows. That is, until we hit the brakes.

We were on our way to Saskatoon, the final stop of a multipurpose road trip that began on Thursday.

On the literary side of things, we attended the Thistledown launch in Regina on Thursday night. There I bought This Hot Place by Bernadette Wagner and Endgames by Andrew Stubbs.

On Sunday we went to Tonight it's Poetry at Lydia's in Saskatoon where Tracy Hamon launched her new book Interruptions in Glass. I came home with that, too.

I also came home with Ariel Gordon's new book Hump.

I chatted with lots of writers at those events. Had lots of fun.

And I thought of writers I didn't see. For instance, on Friday in Regina as winds gusted to 104 km/h, I saw this chair hang a right near Gerry's place. Likely Gerry's, I said. Drives just like him.


tracy said...

I think it was Gerry's chair too, though there wasn't the usual amount of pigeon shit on it.

Great to spend some time with you guys and thanks for all the positive words about the poetry!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! At the speed that chair was going, the pigeon would have to launch a seat-seeking missile!

The words were well-deserved. Happy touring!

Paula Jane said...

Thanks for fitting me into your busy schedule. It was great to visit.

Brenda Schmidt said...

It sure was! And I think Museo in the Mendel is the perfect place for a meeting of minds! I hope we do that again soon!