Monday, March 08, 2010

Tonight it's Poetry's 50th reading celebration

...happened last night and happily I was in Saskatoon. Tonight it's Poetry readings are now held at Lydia's as they needed more room to accommodate their growing audience. I was impressed with the space. The sound was incredible thanks in part to a professional sound board. The stage was beautifully lit. The readers looked great against the brick and wood background. I have nothing but good things to say. There was a good crowd and we had a great time. The featured reader was David Zieroth, winner of the 2009 Governor General's Award for poetry. After his reading I asked him to sign my copy of The Fly in Autumn and his new chapbook Berlin Album, recently published by Rubicon Press, and then I toddled back to our table to listen to readings by emerging poets. What amazed me most was that the crowd kept building as the evening went on. So happy 50th to Tonight it's Poetry. Hats off!


Paula Jane said...

It was a lovely evening - it was so good to see you guys, and thank you for dragging me along to the reading. It really was a good day for me.

Brenda Schmidt said...

It was so fun! We must do that again soon! And yay for chimichangas and black and white brownies!