Wednesday, November 11, 2009

In the mail this week

... a signed copy of Cantilevered Songs by John Lent.

Big thanks to Tracy for this. I wanted to attend one of Lent's readings when he was touring through Saskatchewan, but it didn't work out. Also in the package was this cool ruler. Rulers of Impressionism. Paul Cezanne is at the 3 1/4 inch mark.

Speaking of Lent, I finished Abundance: The Mackie House Conversations about the Writing Life last night. The conversation between John Lent and Robert Kroetsch was just what I needed. It was inspiring. I spent the day writing in what I'm now calling my cave, eager to roll a boulder in front of the door. Before rolling it in place I'll likely give a little wave and say see ya. In three years. No sooner. Unless I run out of ink. Mind you, I can order that online. After all, we do have courier service up here.

Now back in the cave. Open...Saskatchewan!


tracy said...

I read the Kroetsch/Lent book last year. It's a wonderful read! I think it's a book that could be used in a creative writing class.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Indeed! The conversation on writing is exceptional. They discussed some things in a way I hadn't heard before. I love, too, where they look back at university life in the pre-oil boom Edmonton. Now I want to know more about the history of writing in western Canada and how many of the writers ended up heading the directions they did in their writing. I love stuff like that. And it would likely give me a bit more context as far as my own direction. Kind of like looking back through the family tree at one's ancestors. I'd like to have a better idea of where I came from, writing-wise.