Thursday, October 01, 2009

Raindrops keep falling on my

...Aquilegia canadensis

but that doesn't mean

my eyes



Unknown said...

A beautiful little puff of a post, B.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Little puff of a post! Ha! Thanks!

Lemon Hound said...

Interested in your response to Hikmet!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Well, I'm still on Book 1, but I will say one of my first responses was yay, thank goodness I follow your blog! Sometimes the idea of digging into an epic puts me off. The effort of it. The commitment it requires. Even this book sat around a while. But I was hooked right off. I think it's the radical juxtapositions as the introduction calls it, though I don't know if radical is the adjective I'd use. But it's too early to tell.

Pearl said...


and pretty.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks Pearl!