Wednesday, August 12, 2009

A beautifully designed chapbook

...invites a reader in. You can't help but look closely as you carefully turn each page. Clearly Red Nettle Press knows this for Eliza Roxcy Snow by Marita Dachsel is beautiful.

I entered a draw for this chapbook over on All Things Said & Done, Marita's blog, and was the lucky winner. There were a few other lovely things in the envelope as well.

I've been making my way through the summer issue of Grain. It's called Grain Luddite. When it arrived, I was immediately struck by the paper on which it is printed. It has changed and I'm impressed. When I first ran my fingers over the paper, it didn't occur to me that there would be a different overall feel to this issue. But wow. There is. Pick up a copy and check it out.

Now I think I'll dip back into Grain Luddite and have another look at the amazing translations by Jeramy Dodds.

August 14 - As it turns out, Grain Luddite is printed on chlorine free paper made with 100% post-consumer waste. The Forest Stewardship Council logo is on the back cover. Hats off to Grain!


Ian LeTourneau said...

I love beautifully designed chapbooks, too.

I just received my copy of Don McKay's latest chapbook--The Muskwa Assemblage--and it is the most beautifully designed and produced chapbook I've ever seen. It's done by Gaspereau, of course. It is completely hand-printed, but the cover goes one step further--Gaspereau experimented with paper making, and used an old pair of Don's jeans in the paper-making process. The result is spectacular!

Ian LeTourneau said...

link here:

Brenda Schmidt said...

How cool! I remember hearing about it when it was in production, but nothing since and so forgot all about it. Thanks for the link!

Trisia E said...

Hello Brenda,
A friend just sent me your post on Marita's chapbook...thanks so much for the lovely endorsement!

All best,

(red nettle press :)