Monday, June 22, 2009

A final warning came the mail today.

Here's a review of The Vanishing Face of Gaia: A Final Warning. Well, the review is more of a profile of the author James Lovelock, who I know little to nothing about. In this Globe review he's described as "a kind of Einstein of biology." H ordered the book after hearing Lovelock on CBC's The Current. Scroll down to Part 2 for the blow-by-blow, more links and a link to the interview.

Also in the mail was the latest issue of CNQ, which the publisher says is causing some fuss. I don't yet know what that's about, but I do know I like the looks of the new CNQ website.


tracy said...

Every time I read this blog-post title, I feel a certain form of dread crawl over me, even though I know I've read it a number of times now. Amazing the power of words.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ya. I suspect a certain form of dread will crawl over me when I read the book. I felt something crawling when I was outside earlier. But it was just ants.