Wednesday, April 08, 2009

What happens

...when things go to pieces? I first saw this article on Picasso's Guernica yesterday morning. I was quite taken with the article at first. With the pieces. But I've since learned that if you stare at a wounded horse too long it will haunt you all day. By that I mean the detail of the wounded horse in the second image, the way everything around it has been de-emphasized for the purpose of the article. The same is done to the bull, the head and so on. This kind of dismemberment, while perhaps aiding the discussion, disembodies the painting in the end. So now I'm picturing the wounded horse. Just the wounded horse. It's just floating there in my thoughts. Totally out of context.

Other floating bits and pieces of this morning:
  • it's sunny
  • -2
  • I'm restless
  • we still have tons of snow
  • the crows are back
  • this is the third version of this post (or more)
  • started another blog (it's now gone)
  • going through piles of journals
  • I can't get into tweeting at Twitter
  • swear I heard a junco
This evening it's still bright and clear. A bit of a breeze. People out walking and biking and working. I found a blank notebook when I got home. It's time.


Rhett Soveran said...

I am not telling you how to blog (or I need to learn how blogger works), but if you are publishing a post and then deleting it (only to rewrite it) then it sort of spams the RSS feed and I see all your versions anyway. If you just update a given post then I will only see your updates (as the feed updates).

Brenda Schmidt said...

I spammed the feed! Yikes. My sincerest apologies.

tracy said...

I like the new blog, spam or not.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Tracy! I use live bookmarks, so never gave the feed a thought. Oh well.

Ian LeTourneau said...

I'm not sure what a junco sounds like, but I've definitely heard a few new bird sounds lately. (They move way too fast for me and when I do happen to be able to see them long enough to identify them, they never sing...) I do love their sounds though and it doesn't bother me too much that I don't know what they are. I DO KNOW that I've seen some hoary redpolls. They ate from my feeder for 2 days, and they were quite pretty birds. I can't wait to see my favourite birds, the evening grosbeaks. Here's hoping they get here soon to raise my spirits after a crushing defeat to LA last night. LA!

Brenda Schmidt said...

You can listen to a junco here. You'll recognize it right away. Yes, there's nothing like birdsong to make a day. Haven't got any Evenings here at the moment either. And ya, I didn't see the game. but was pretty darned choked when I saw the score this morning. Ugh.