Monday, June 19, 2006

Apparently bats

...are good listeners and they're good at memorizing.


Anonymous said...

Very, very cool. You know I like tidbits about bats!

As for other things, I got the report back from the specialist - some revisions to do, but she was very helpful/positive/constructive so I'll be able to do those revisions and then they'll get the defense date scheduled. Getting closer!! ~Paula Jane

berlynn said...

Bats! I'd never thought much of bats until after reading Kevin Oppel's, Silverwing Saga!

Paula Jane, good to hear things are progressing!

Brenda Schmidt said...

I know, Paula Jane, I know. The bats were a lure. :) Glad to hear it's getting close. I was wondering where it's at. Battle on!

Berlynn, I've heard so much about Oppel. I really should read that.

berlynn said...

I read the three book series in just over a day one summer vacation. I could't stop until I'd finished them all! Oppel is good.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I bet it would be fun to read these books outside by lamplight while the bats are flying about.