Tuesday, April 04, 2006

I'd like to see

...the Alice Munro interview tomorrow, but I don't think we get TVO. I know we get CBC and TSN. That's where I find hockey. Otherwise I watch very little TV. Anyhow, I learned of the interview on a US blog.

This is unrelated, but I've been thinking about the erratic way I list books on this blog. Though I never intended this to be a book blog, some days I do mention the books I purchased. Some days I mention the books I'm reading. Most of the books, however, never get mentioned at all. My inconsistency troubles me. I know it's highly unlikely that any readers of this blog are saying to themselves Hey Schmidt, I know you bought my book. Why haven't you mentioned it?, but it worries me just the same. I have no reason to offer. No excuse. I thought about trying Ariel's system (see the bottom right hand corner of her blog), since I like checking to see what she's been reading. I also thought about noting the books in a weekly post. A big part of me wants to continue doing what I've been doing. Just reading reading reading like I've always done.


Anonymous said...

Alice Munro changed my life. I read _Thanks for the Ride_ in English 100 and I was forever hooked. We have 4 channels and none is TVO so I guess I'll also be missing the interview. Maybe it'll be online one day...

As for the books, Brenda, I'd love to see a list of your new reading materials because I can't get to my fave blogs every day.

Have a cupcakey day!


Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks B-) I'll see what I can come up with. Today (Thurs) I decided I'd try a variation of Edward Willett's "The first sentence I wrote today", but since I read a variety of stuff each day, that won't serve as an accurate reading list. I'll think on it.

Anonymous said...

I think reading lists on writers' blogs are a great idea. As Carol Shields once remarked, you only read so many books in a lifetime (5000 was her best guess for herself) and so you've got to be picky. It really helps to have other people's recommendations, which is one reason we miss more extensive book coverage in newspapers and magazines. I've kept a running list of my own reading for years, and of course it doesn't include everything--all those brief bits of reading that are part of bookselling, besides a lot of other incidental inquiry. The reading list helps me to know what I've been working at and what I've been neglecting.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Interesting. I'm terrible at lists. However, I do have a collection of failed attempts, which amounts to more of a hopping list than a running one. I'd start them on a January 1 and abandon them by spring for no good reason. On the following New Year's day I'd shake my head, wondering what I'd read.