Thursday, March 16, 2006

Imagine Yeats a sentry. I like that and a number of other things in this essay, but the bit about lending myth to poems really got my attention. While Good makes it clear he's not saying that every great poet has to be a giant system-builder, it's kind of fun to think of each and every poet as just that. Giant system-builders.

Then I thought about micro-systems.


Anonymous said...

I found a lot to disagree with in that piece about Yeats. A sentry? A giant system-builder? Well, Yeats was a tall man, I understand... But I will give him this: after finding his niche as a post-Rossetti, high-minded aesthete in the late 19th c., he completely reinvented his poetic identity over the last forty years of his life. That is something rather uncommon in literature.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Ok, I'm wandering offtopic a bit here, but I pulled The Yeats Reader off the shelf just now and was looking through the chronology. The last entry:

"1948 Body reinterred at Drumcliff, County Sligo, 17 September"