Monday, December 05, 2005

My relationship with sonnets quite odd, but then again maybe not. Maybe the world is teaming with writers who write sonnets only to squirrel them away. My latest manuscript contains a couple sonnets, but I'll likely weed them out of the final draft and throw them in the box with all the rest. My sonnet on Random Highbrow might very well be the only sonnet you'll ever see with my name attached. It follows a fine steamy piece by Tracy Hamon.

Take a look at the competition rules. It's free and there's plenty of time to get in on the fun.


Anna Swanson said...

Fun sonnet! I've been looking forward to reading it as I struggled away on my own entry. Which is certainly not a sonnet. I don't know how you do it. And "nippled cliffs" indeed - very cheeky.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Anna! I find it hard to resist competitions like this. I look forward to reading your entry. Also, I look forward to reading all the work on Fall Back. I've been trying to wrap up some fall projects of my own, so I haven't kept up with the poems you guys have posted. I think projects like that are great.

Anonymous said...

Very clever sonnet, Brenda—and I love the humour. I must point out that, as a mountainclimber myself, I will now find it difficult to know where to put my hands when I’m climbing the nippled cliffs.

"...very cheeky"—nice, Anna. The metaphor could be extended even further: where the holds are much larger they're often referred to as "jugs"... and well, this is getting out of hand. Maybe I'll leave it there (mumbles and slinks off sheepishly).

(Thanks for the link, too, Brenda. Appreciated.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Pete! I hope you don't slip on my account :)