Thursday, December 08, 2005

I just learned about

...Cara Winsor Hehir's blog. Cara is doing exciting work. I look forward to owning a piece one day. Right now I have my heart set on Thick Skin.


Anna Swanson said...

I knew Cara when I used to live in St. John's - she's lovely. And makes beautiful things. And she really does play in a heavy metal band. We worked at art galleries around the corner from each other, but haven't been in touch. So it was fun to see her blog. Thanks!

Brenda Schmidt said...

How cool! What are the odds that you'd meet again here?

I do hope to hear that band some day.

Anonymous said...

anna, brenda,
ive linked endearing perversion (my metal band) to my blog. the address is
if you havnt checked it out already you should. one of our songs is listenable there and there is our music video as well! very fun.
there are also some band shots that are fun. im the one with all the hair.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Cara! Me and the cat listened and we watched the video. What a nifty video! I mention the cat because she's drawn to new sounds, so she was on my lap the minute the music started.