Monday, October 17, 2005

War and Peace

...came in the mail today. The font in this edition is terribly small, so small that my eyes keep trying to read two lines at once. I haven't made it beyond the first page.


Anonymous said...

I remember the hardest part of reading that novel was trying to keep everyone's name straight--the Russian habit in naming was slightly confusing--but font size is always a factor. And I won't add--at our age!

(Glad to see you made home safe and sound).

Brenda Schmidt said...

Sheesh. How will I keep all those names straight if I can't even keep the little lines in line? Ugh.

It was a great trip home, thanks. During the final few hours the full moon pulled itself out of a cloud only to hang over the forest like a giant wrecking ball.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Regina was fun as usual. More to come on that later this week.