Tuesday, May 29, 2018

The Creative Writing Exhibition at Congress 2018

...took place on Sunday in Regina at the Campion Commons. Tea Gerbeza, Judith Krause, Randy Lundy, and Kate Spencer gave wonderful readings! It was an honour to be there with them. Thank you to the University of Regina, Community Connections for hosting and a great big thank you to Medrie Purdham and Michael Trussler for organizing this fabulous event and inviting me to take part. Here's the lovely poster.

Here's what I saw before I set out that morning. Today I note

a sign carved by hand
tops the opening
I failed to sand

Here's me reading from my new book Culverts Beneath the Narrow Road. Thank you to the great audience and thank you so much to those who took a copy home. 

Here's a group pic after the readings. It was a fun time!

H and I were talking about this great event on our way home the next day when we came upon this great egret.

Hours later we came upon culverts no longer beneath the narrow road. Or culverts beneath the narrow road no longer.

I'll try not to read into that.