Monday, October 13, 2014

For Thanksgiving, a look at Red Curls

...which I placed on leaves I'll likely rake up tomorrow. This new collection of poems by Tracy Hamon means a lot to me, so I wandered around with it this afternoon, placing it here and there until I found the right place.   

Red Curls by Tracy Hamon.

Last week we drove down to Regina to take in the launch of this book, a launch perfectly timed with the fall migration. We drove through sunrise and sunset, beneath thousands and thousands of snow geese, Ross's geese, greater white-fronted geese, tundra swans, beneath v upon v of sandhill cranes. After the launch we spent a few days beneath the fly path, catching our breath, our ears full of geese and swans and cranes at all times.

The launch of Red Curls was breathtaking as well. A great crowd flocked into the Slate Fine Art Gallery, a spacious venue with wonderful sound and fabulous art, so great a crowd they had to bring out more chairs. Tracy gave a dandy reading as always and followed it with a stunning video poem. Images were projected afterwards, people indulging in these and the glorious spread of food and conversation. And what conversation! There's a big difference between small talk and small talks, the latter an art of compression, a kind of poetry that you think about for days, keep unpacking without end, and that's what I've been doing for days, that's what I did all the way home beneath the geese and swans and cranes as we drove against their southward flow, and I'll be unpacking for days to come.  


Tracy said...

Thanks B! It was great to have you and H at the launch and for your input on the work and the research!

It was a great launch!

Brenda Schmidt said...

It sure was! I'm so happy I was there.