Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Come spring some people treat themselves new rubber boots. Not me. I bought this book instead.

Besides, there's no need for rubber boots in this neck of the woods. Not yet.  


Bernadette said...

When I was in Ottawa, I went to the mall that had the Sears store in it to pick out a pair of rubber boots I had seen online. Well, imagine my surprise when the Sears store was no longer there! And I wasn't about to wander through that monstrous mall just to find some. No, I'm going to order the boots online tonight because I will be needing them by the weekend!

That looks like a very big book, btw!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Rubber boot people must plan ahead!

Yes, it's a huge book! If nothing else, my arms will get a good workout!

theresa said...

What a good idea -- an anthology of theory and criticism. I don't read much of either any longer -- though I sure did when I was an undergraduate, way back in the last century. But it would be an interesting way to see what's what, in context, etc.

Brenda Schmidt said...

I have another anthology of criticism that I've had for years and I love. It comes in handy now and then. This book contains far more.