Friday, August 03, 2012

Those interested in the art of reviewing

...should check out Steven W. Beattie's blog post about his National Post review of John Lent's novel The Path to Ardroe. In the review itself, which is indeed complex, Beattie says John Lent "is one of Canada’s key postmodernists." I'll happily mention again that John Lent was the editor, along with Chris Clarkson, of my book Flight Calls.

Speaking of flight, I took this pic a few days ago from the car as we fled from a storm.This was just the beginning.

I then videoed it as it came right down and I got almost five minutes of video. I go on at some length about storms in Flight Calls. I imagine this latest close encounter will eventually lead to a follow-up essay. Or maybe a videopoem. Or videoessay. We'll see.

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