Monday, July 30, 2012

More hot books and some shade my idea of a perfect summer. I look forward to sitting down with these two.

Mnemonic: A Book of Trees by Theresa Kishkan.

Understories by Al Rempel.

But first I must pick the beans.  


Rob Taylor said...

Did you try a picture with Mnemonic stacked above Understories. It could have looked pretty cool!

p.s. Understories is a wondeful book. Enjoy it!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Darn! I never thought of that!

I'm sure I will! I sure like what I've read so far!

Anonymous said...

Ha! The root & the stem would nearly match


Shawna Lemay said...

these both look great. and i didn't know Theresa Kishkan had a new book out - glad to know. looks right up my alley.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Yes, it looks dandy!