Friday, August 20, 2010

Scored some real gems

...all thanks to Gerry:

Silk Trail by Andrew Suknaski.
Selected Poems by Theodore Roethke.
Continental Trance by bpNichol.
The Night the Dog Smiled by John Newlove.
A Map to the Door of No Return by Dionne Brand.
The Green Plain by John Newlove.
Headframe by Birk Sproxton.
Momentary Dark by Margaret Avison.
Land to Light On by Dionne Brand.
No Language is Neutral by Dionne Brand.
Deep Hollow Creek by Sheila Watson.
The Snowbird Poems by Robert Kroetsch.
The New Layman's Almanac by Jacob McArthur Mooney.

They arrived the other day.

Go Leafs!


Ariel Gordon said...

Got some nifty titles too...

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Of course I mean gems in the most positive sense. Some of these titles fill some holes in my collection. And I'm curious about the Mooney title; I've been following his blog for a while now. Lots of action there.

Ariel Gordon said...

Sorry! I meant that I'd also gotten some good titles from Gerry this week...

SUCH a good way to thin your library, if thinning is what you want to do. (Horrors! Ack!)

Brenda Schmidt said...

A necessary evil. I have to take a hard look at my books now in order to find space. Ugh.

Gerald Hill said...

Lovely to see those books on your shelf, especially with that guardian standing by. What could go wrong! Leafs in '11.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Exactly! What could go wrong!