Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Recent arrivals

The War in the Country: How the Fight to Save Rural Life Will Shape Our Future by Thomas F. Pawlick.

Pandora's Seed: The Unforeseen Cost of Civilization by Spencer Wells.

These two books were ordered by H, who is a big reader just like me. He heard interviews with the authors on CBC radio. Much of the nonfiction that comes into this house is thanks to this.

As well, many of the writers I hang around in life and online are those who share what they're reading. The rest of the books in the pile are here because of this.

The Art of the Personal Essay: An Anthology from the Classical Era to the Present selected and with an introduction by Phillip Lopate. I ordered this thanks to Ian.

Hiddenness, Uncertainty, Surprise: Three Generative Energies of Poetry by Jane Hirshfield. Thanks to this post on Capacious Hold-All.

My Life as a Dame: The Personal and the Political in the Writings of Christina McCall edited by Stephen Clarkson, foreword by Eleanor Wachtel. Thanks to this post on Matilda Magtree.

The Martyrology: Books 3 & 4 by bpNichol. This is thanks to Gerry following a previous post here. But I have to give this one back.

Yes! I just came across another must-have book over on That Shakespearean Rag.


tracy said...

Happy reading! It looks like some interesting stuff!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks! I still have a pile of books here that I borrowed from you way back when. I hope you don't charge late fees!

tracy said...

You shouldn't have reminded me--now I'll want something fantastic in trade. Like a book!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Fair enough!

Shawna Lemay said...

i'm always fascinated to hear how others find books. this is a really cool post Brenda. i know i'm not likely to buy a book based on reviews, but more because of word of mouth, a small mention on a blog that i like, or when an author i admire talks about a book.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks Shawna! Word of mouth sways me most (this includes mentions on blogs). I feel pretty lucky to have access to opinions I respect. I just got a heads-up on a book this morning. Yay! Reviews motivate me to add to cart as well. The Emily bio, for instance, and the glowing review of Carson's Nox which is on its way. The review doesn't have to be glowing by any means. I don't find author profiles motivating at all, though I do read them. Sometimes they include a poem that catches my eye.

carin said...

Hey, how exciting...I look forward to your thoughts on My Life as a Dame! (War in the Country sounds excellent; I've just put it on hold at the library.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

I look forward to reading it! I took a long look at my bookshelves last night, wondering how to fit the new bunch in, and found more books that I haven't yet read. It's been that kind of year.