Thursday, March 04, 2010

The Rustic Bunting was last seen

...on February 22. The juncos are gone as well. What an amazing experience it was! It was wonderful meeting all the birders who traveled here to see it. I feel so lucky.

Still I feel badly for the bunting, wherever it is, as I did all the while it was here. Poor thing. So unlucky. So utterly lost.

Here are the previous posts on this rare bird:


Clare said...

That is the tragedy of the lost rarities, isn't it? Lost, but more importantly even if they survive they don't get to fulfil their greatest biological imperative, to reproduce. I

I hope that it gets to grow old in the Boreal of Saskatchewan or Manitoba. And I hope it remembers your feeder.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ya, it's sad.

I hope so too. Better yet, it would be nice if it went back the way it came.

buz said...

Wow - good for you guys identifying this little guy. What a great record you have created of it


Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks Buz!