Thursday, December 03, 2009

One full moon down

...and one to go. That's my kind of December.

A few books arrived this week. I learned of the bottom three on other blogs.

Climate Wars by Gwynne Dyer is open on top. Big thanks to Ian for pointing me to this book. It's been my bedtime reading for the past while. Disturbing stuff. The scenarios Dyer presents are especially chilling.

Happy December to you all.


Ian said...

very chilling, indeed. What did you think of Atwood's book?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Yes. Tonight I'll be reading the Wipeout scenario. Oh, and H ordered Al Gore's new book Our Choice and James Hoggan's Climate Cover-up. We'll be right cheery over the holidays!

Atwood is amazing. I really liked the book overall. And I like that it's still bugging me. I found the end a bit tidy and some of the names a bit cute, but I think the book needed the levity, though I think somehow that added to the creepiness of it all. The characters are downright disturbing. Take Toby and Ren. Is that how people react in survival mode? Yikes.

Brenda Schmidt said...

There's a review of the Gore and Hoggan books in the Globe today.