Wednesday, February 04, 2009

A treadmill desk doing the trick for award-winning author Arthur Slade. Brilliant. While I don't think I have the balance one needs to walk on a treadmill and write, I just might rig up a desk for my bike.

The new issue of The New Quarterly came in the mail yesterday. It looks like another dandy. While giving us work by 16 writers, this issue features a healthy selection of work by Anne Fleming, Robyn Sarah and Dave Margoshes. And when I say healthy, I mean there's an essay and three short stories by Margoshes alone, which amounts to a good 30 pages. Nice. That's what I like about this magazine.

Indeed, pigeons are everywhere.

Speaking of birds, I decided against the ptarmigan and went with one of H's owl pics for the header instead. (Feb. 7 - As you can see, I decided against that, too.)


Anonymous said...

Wow Brenda, you've been really active lately on the blog! I've been so busy with work and school. Ugh. Anyway, Treadmill desk just made my day!!! That's so amazing. What do you think? I want one!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Me, too! Ya, it's brilliant! I haven't rigged anything up yet, but I still want to try putting a desk on my bike. Though after reading books like The Songlines by Bruce Chatwin and The Spell of the Sensuous by David Abram, the idea of walking and writing sounds pretty natural.

Ya, I've been hopping here. The longer days are showing. And I'm usually at a writers/artists colony during this time, so I'm feeling a bit lost in a way. Not in a bad way. But still. :)