Thursday, January 15, 2009

The Celebration the name of the bag I bid on last night over at Darfur Project - Eclectic Bags. I loved the bag the moment I saw it. The description of it only made me want it more. All day I kept returning to see how the bidding was going. When H got home from work I called him into the office to have a look. He saw immediately why I wanted it as his eyes went straight from the screen to the piece by Cara Winsor Hehir that hangs above my desk. You can get a glimpse of Hehir's piece here and in an older pic here. Her piece and the bag share a certain spirit. So, at 7:30, I crawled out of the tub and looked again. There was 30 minutes left before bidding closed. H came by and asked if I had bid. I said no. I was still thinking. I already have a wonderful bag from the Darfur Project. It was a gift from Ariel. No matter, he said. Just do it. It's a good cause. So I finally did. With four minutes to spare.

Speaking of celebration, Hagios Press has three events planned this month for Saskatoon, Lumsden and Regina. I will be at the Saskatoon event. I took this from Facebook:

Date: Tuesday January 20, 2009
Book Table 7:00 p.m. Program starts 7:30 p.m.
Location: Art Placement Gallery, 228 - 3rd Avenue S.

Hagios Press invites you to join them in celebrating their 2008 publishing year! An evening featuring readings by Hagios Press authors & great deals on Hagios Press titles!

Hear readings by Hagios authors: Terry Fenton, (Land Marks: The Art of Dorothy Knowles), Allan Safarik (Yellowgrass), Brenda Schmidt (Cantos from Wolverine Creek) as well as readings from You by Gary Hyland.
Free admission. Refreshments provided/cash bar.

I hope to see some of you there. As I've mentioned before, my plans for this year are quite different, so I will enjoy this celebration in that fair city. Who knows when I'll be back.


tracy said...

Nice bag. I thought about that one too, but alas, didn't bid. I've thought of bidding on many of them since Ariel showed me hers, and pictures of yours. Still, I haven't quite got myself to bid on one yet. One of these days.

Good luck with the reading! It sounds fun.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ya, it's a great bag. I can't wait to get it. I know just where it will sit. She does such amazing work. Admirable work.

Thanks! It should be fun. I remember last time I visited that gallery I ran into a writer there and as we were talking I noticed how our voices were carrying. It's a great space.

allanmcdougall said...

That is a beautiful bag. Do they make wallets?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ha! Good question! :)

Ariel Gordon said...

It IS a beautiful bag. Fortunate B...

Wish I could be at the reading!

Brenda Schmidt said...

Fortunate indeed!

Wish you could be, too! I wonder if there will be cake? The way I do math, Icing + Me + Gallery = Big Trouble.