Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I don't shed tears often

...or easily, but this morning they were flowing. First a lovely, generous and unexpected phone call. The kind of call that sticks in your heart. I was still thinking about it some time later as I mindlessly clicked on my rss feed. It was then that I saw the title of Lemon Hound's new post: Shawna Lemay reads Brenda Schmidt. I couldn't believe my eyes. What a wonderful surprise! Lovely, generous and unexpected. I am grateful to Lemon Hound and I am grateful to Shawna Lemay for the close, sensitive reading of my work.


Tracy Hamon said...

Lovely indeed. (I'm looking for my kayak, in case you keep shedding.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

It is lovely! I just got back from the Orange Toad where I celebrated with an apple cinnamon scone. I was going to have cake, but all they had left was matrimonial cake and that just didn't seem right. Who wants to get dates stuck in their teeth on such a wonderful day?

Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Evie!

H bought some chocolate for the occasion, so I just had that too. :)