Thursday, May 01, 2008

It's May, so

...keep a good eye on the May Day Poetry Project.

While today was a beautiful day for a road trip, it's great to finally be home. I missed the cat. And I think deep down the cat missed me. I think.

I must say it feels really good to see Cantos from Wolverine Creek in my bookcase. I put a copy there as soon as I walked in. I'm delighted with how the book looks and feels. In the next few days I'll dig up addresses and get copies in the mail to those of you who are waiting.

We stopped at the post office on the way home. Among the envelopes in the box was a parcel card. As expected, the parcel turned out to be the rest of the mail that had piled up while we were away. Rubber bands held the pile together. In that pile was my first issue of Geist. Finally! I flipped through it and found a DVD. Cool!

Unfortunately, the DVD package didn't appreciate the elastic band treatment.


Anonymous said...

Do you remember my address?


Brenda Schmidt said...


Ariel Gordon said...

Thanks for the May Day nod, B...I'm still hoping to convince you to play along one year.

(Greatly looking forward to my copy!)

Brenda Schmidt said...

May Day is great. I always follow along, but I'm too chicken to participate.

Copy on the way! I look forward to Winnipeg! :)

GM said...

Looks great on your shelf...? Looks great on YOUR shelf?? But what about mine? You always take take take and never think of my needs. I'm human too, you know. I need cantos just like anyone else.

...We never talk anymore.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Good grief.

Gerald Hill said...

And my copy has been bedtime reading the last while. I'm stunned by the deep beauty of the work, Brenda. Deep as mountains, deep as trains. (I'm at a hostel in Field.) See you soon.


Brenda Schmidt said...

Thanks, Gerry! You made my day! I look forward to sitting down with your lovely book this weekend. So far I've only read page 18. Over and over and over. It's wonderful.

You're in Field!!! Hurry back! We have a gig, remember!