Monday, March 03, 2008

At the post office today

...was Calling Texas, a collection of poems by Bert Almon. I'm delighted!

In a recent post I mentioned I brought home a number of books, including A Ghost in Waterloo Station, the latest by Bert Almon. One of the many perks of going to the winter colony at St. Peter's Abbey is that St. Peter's College usually hosts a reading from its Canada Council for the Arts series at that time. This year we enjoyed readings by Bert Almon and Olga Costopoulos. The readings are always held in the college library. Rhona has some photos of the event at the end of this post on her blog. Behind Bert Almon in the first of Rhona's photos is the Anne Szumigalski Collection, a collection of books that I've spent much time with. To the right of the collection, just beyond the photo, is a watercolour portrait of Anne Szumigalski, the renowned poet and community builder. I always find it moving to sit at a reading there and see her smiling at us. Anyway, it's great to add this book to my collection. In return, I'll slip a copy of my last book in the envelope and mail it off to him tomorrow.

Also in the mail was this postcard from my pop culture mentor.

I love it when she sends me postcards. As usual, I experienced a moment of confusion before the light came on. Well, the light came on thanks to the little nudge she gave me on the other side. Sometimes I require more than nudges. The suicidal bunnies, for example, required much time and explanation. I just didn't get them.

Yes, that's chocolate on the plate in the bottom right corner. Two squares of Lindt.


Paula Jane said...

I shouldn't be surprised there's a Wikipedia page for the bunnies. *g* I do like collecting oddball postcards to send to friends. I'm glad you enjoy them.

(Still no news to report. I'll let you know when I know something.)

Brenda Schmidt said...

That I do. A little intermittent confusion does me good. :)

(I've been waiting anxiously...)

Gerald Hill said...

And that's my man A. Hitchcock.


Brenda Schmidt said...

H, too, recognized Hitchcock right away, to which I said huh?, and so the confusion began. I then read Hitchcock's bio. I was especially struck by the story about his father sending him as a child off to the police station with a note asking them to lock little Hitchcock up for 10 minutes. Yikes.