Sunday, February 24, 2008


...with science tattoos. My favourite is the neuron tattoo.

Sincerity and its discontents in American poetry now.

Books I brought home in my suitcase:

A Ghost in Waterloo Station by Bert Almon.
The Tiger Side of Night by Olga Costopoulos.
Nerve Language by Brian Henderson.
the insistence of green/blue transport, poems by Judith Krause; art, design and book production by Shelley Sopher.
CosmoSonnets, poems by Mari-Lou Rowley; design and artwork by Robert McNealy.

Well, I don't actually own the Henderson book. I borrowed it from Paula Jane and forgot to give it back. Oops.


Paula Jane said...

I have no doubt that the book will be returned to me at some future date. Besides, it helps me fulfill that part of me that wanted to be a librarian ... being able to provide books when needed.

Brenda Schmidt said...

Ah, that explains the library's worth of books you had with you. I suppose that means I'll get a fine. Do you have an amnesty day?